Just imagine if the entire content of every catalog and brochure that's lying around your office or in filing cabinets, was able to be displayed, digitally, on fabulous interactive Totem screens in store?


Well, it's here and it's FurnitureKiosk!

Now, your interactive Totems allow your customers and sales team to find products, add complex options and place the order in your store, there and then. And better still - everything is up to date and in real time. All managed by FurnitureKiosk - we upload your entire Catalog for you, free of charge, so plug it in and it's all ready to go.

Enhance your Retail Floor Experience

Turn your retail space into an endless digital consumer experience. Now your customers can search for products on their own, should they wish. Reduce the "sales anxiety" that customers sometimes experience by letting them do it themselves!

Display all your products - all from your old paper catalogs - right there, on a fabulous totem. Customers will love it. So will the sales team.

Maximize the experience. Maximize your showroom space. Maximize the sale.

Time to make FurnitureKiosk part of your retail experience.


Come see how FurnitureKiosk can benefit you and your retail business