Bring the omnichannel endless aisle to the retail sales floor

Bring the omnichannel experience to your retail showroom floor

With all the products that you have available - bring it all to your retail floor with FurnitureKiosk. Now you can show it it all and more!


6ft Tall Interactive Totem Kiosks

All the products you can sell come to life with FurnitureKiosk's fabulous 6ft Totem Displays. Customers can browse all your products, live... it's right there. They can search by brand, type, size, price and find what they want there and then - and place the order too!

Over-The-Air Updates!

Your FurnitureKiosk is always kept up to date, with OTA (over-the-air) updates. This means you don't need to worry about the time consuming task of managing the Content, as it's all kept up to date for you. New product lines? New fabric and finishes? No problem, it's all there in real time for your customers to see.

And with all the products beautifully displayed on the 6ft totem, it really comes to life in your showroom.


Silent Salesperson

When all your sales folk are tied up with customers on busy trading periods, new customers walking in the door don’t need to stand clicking their heels or worse still feeling neglected. Your FurnitureKiosk will keep their interest and they can find what they want on their own, selecting the options themselves and placing the order there and then.

Just Looking

Many customers just don’t want to be “sold to” – so here is the solution - the FurnitureKiosk! Send them over to the Furniture Kiosk with a coffee and let them browse and shop in their own time, undisturbed. There are so many customers these days who love interacting with a screen. And why not?

I’ll Just Get A Brochure

FurnitureKiosk is not just about 6ft tall Totem Displays, in fact it works on any device, including tablets and smartphones too!

So now your sales folk have your entire product offering at their fingertips, beautifully presented.

No more dashing to the office to find that old dog-eared brochure that they hope contains what the customer needs, whilst KILLING THE MOOD at the same time.

FurnitureKiosk looks really fabulous and keeps your sales folk professionally equipped to close the sale!